Graphius Machine Park

Offset printing

The Graphius machine park is one of the most efficient and extensive in the European sheet-fed market.

More than 126 recent Heidelberg printing groups in three printing formats (36 x 56 cm – 75 x 106 cm – 120 x 160 cm) produce in a full continuous process. All presses are controlled by the Heidelberg Quality Monitor reporting system that rigorously follows the required ISO 12647 standard and detects and adjusts the slightest deviations in real time.

Digital printing company

The quality of our digital printing company equals conventional offset and has short turnaround times. A Kodak Nexpress, a Kodak Digimaster and an HP Indigo are ready to finish your personalized mailings, stationary printing, leaflets or printing on demand project in one or five color printing with possibly online UV high-gloss lacquer.


  • Direct mailing (VDP Printing)
  • Folders, brochures,
  • manuals, catalogs and books in small volumes
  • Printing on Demand (POD)


All the material was recently renewed, which means that the Graphius bindery can call itself the most high-tech bindery in Europe. Everything is done internally: from a stapled brochure to a PUR glued or sewn soft or hardcover book. The degree of flexibility and quality control that we achieve as a result is invaluable.

Color management

All Heidelberg Presses are controlled by high-tech Heidelberg spectral measurement equipment. The system contains spectrophotometric software that reads control elements (mini spots) on the printed sheets and immediately processes them into valuable information that can be used to automatically implement changes.

During the printing process, the control of mini spots ensures much greater reliability. The high-speed software can detect anomalies in the printed color space and take corrective action in real time.

In addition, the analysis of the mini-spots benefits our daily calibration of the CTP installations and printing presses because the entire calibration and test process no longer has to be gone through. This not only leads to consistency in quality delivered, but also in more sustainable production by generating less paper waste, less ink consumption, less electricity consumption and the like.

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Plantin Moretus Prize | RUS – Gert Jochems, photo catalog

Sappi International printer of the year | Shanghai – Gold | Gabriel Meiring, art book

Plantin Moretus Prize | Reinaert, the fierce one with a red beard

The Art Book Award | Antinous – exhibition catalog

Plantin Moretus Prize – 3 prizes | collection of poems, cahier, art catalog

Plantin Moretus Prize | Dooreman, overview book

Fernand Baudin Prize – 3 prizes | Juliaan Lampens, Philippe Van Snick and Par les Sillons

Best Designed Books – 4 prizes | Gal, Marc Didden, Papa Tells, Juliaan Lampens

Fernand Baudin Prize | Specters

Fernand Baudin Prize | Rosas dances Rosas

Fernand Baudin Prize | Dyslexia

Fernand Baudin Prize | In Encounters

Museum Exhibition Catalog Award | From Death to death and other small tales

Prix ​​CatalPa (Catalogs in Paris) | La Spoliation des Juifs: une politique d’État (1940-1944)

Henry Van de Velde Label | Think in Color

Fernand Baudin Prize – 4 prizes | Reweaving the Urban Carpet, Switching breaks, During the Exhibition the Studio will be Close, Film as a Form of Writing

Deutscher Fotobuchpreis | Shark, fear and beauty

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards | Food+Design

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (Best Printer) | GuidoMaes.Printingdeluxe*****

Best Dutch Book Designs | De Zweetvoetenman

Best Dutch Book Designs | Gorilla for President

Best Dutch Book Designs | The Living Surface

Best Dutch Book Designs | Tirza Martha, I wonder if they’ll laugh when I’m dead

Best Dutch Book Designs | Rattle! Rattle!

Prix du Livre d’Art | La Ligne et l’Omre

Henry van de Velde Award | HORST Arts and Music