Graphius Embraces Digitization

Graphius Embraces Digitization

Graphius will continue its course towards modernization in 2020
Traditional quality & service with a modern look & feel

In May 2019 Graphius took a close look at its branding and decided to go for a rebranding that also reflects the modernization of the company internally to the outside world. Graphius transformed its logo into a more powerful and stronger alternative that indicates a confident future for the Ghent printing group, which now has 4 branches and 450 professionals who make beautiful printed matter for some of the most famous museums, publishers and companies.

The new look and feel of the brand also indicates a change of strategy in terms of positioning. The exponentially growing importance of e-commerce and an online identity did not pass by CEO Denis Geers and action on this trend was not long in coming.

Work was done on a powerful content strategy for the group’s social media, performance marketing to stimulate the vacancy and brand awareness and a makeover of the 3 websites were only the beginning of the online shift. Graphius’ online strategy will be able to fully unfold later this year with the arrival of an online ordering platform that will be unique in many ways compared to existing online printers.

An omni-channel approach that works

The renewed approach was generously received by Graphius customers and other graphic professionals. With over 38,000 unique visitors last year and an explosive growth of 430% on our social media channels, we can conclude that this approach is the right one and that the otherwise traditional printing industry is also ready for modernization. The positive feedback and interaction from the customers on our social media confirms to us that we have gone the right way by opting for an online approach that is equivalent to our traditional approach.

In this way, our online approach closely matches the traditional approach and Graphius can also function as a fully-fledged omni-channel company. Offline we mainly rely on our branding that is present at the company as well as on numerous industry-related events or publications and the power of printed matter is used in our direct mailing or the Graphius magazine.

The icing on the cake was undoubtedly the quotation request for 4,000 magazines via Graphius’ Facebook channel.

Our vision for 2020

2019 was the year of online experimentation for us. We took valuable conclusions from these experiments and adjusted our online strategy based on these conclusions. In addition, confidence in an online approach has also been fueled thanks to the results achieved and the direct and indirect returns from online investments.

In 2020 Graphius will scale its online approach and, just as with the traditional story, try to be a frontrunner in the printing world.