Graphius For Everyone

Graphius offers an impressively extensive range of products for private individuals, self-employed persons, multinationals and internationally renowned museums or government institutions.

Below is a brief summary of just some of our thousands of annual works. Discover what we can do for you by contacting our customer service without obligation or call +32 (0) 9 218 08 41, we are happy to help you

  • Top quality
  • Flexibility
  • Short turnaround times
  • Stock management
  • From 1 copy to several hundred thousand
  • In-house finishing
  • Delivery by own transport service
  • Green Printing (CO²-neutral production)
  • In-house sealing and addressing
  • Flexibility
  • Professional knowledge of our employees, who are regularly retrained
  • B-to-B order portal
  • Extensive product range
  • Worldwide deliveries
  • Direct mailing
  • Knowledge about public tenders
  • Multilingual staff
  • Internal photo engraving with the option of on-screen assistance
  • Competitive prices
  • From 1 copy to several hundred thousand
  • CSR policy

Some Of Our Clients

Book Publishers

Graphius works for publishers from all over Europe, both publishers that publish only 1 title per year and the large international publishers that produce masses of titles.

The contact persons within Graphius are technical professionals who assist you from the realization of a project up to and including delivery.

Our support is not limited to mere production. We also take full control of the collective or individual shipping of your product, so that you do not have to deal with administration, logistics partners or postal services throughout Europe.

Foreign customers who come to give a ‘good for press’ to the press do not have to worry about where to stay either. We arrange a hotel in the center of Ghent.

Magazine Publishers

Graphius has been working for magazine publishers for decades. We have been working with some of those publishers for more than 40 years now.

Our portfolio consists of some 250 titles that are published weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Publishers can count on a dedicated team within Graphius that is perfectly aware of the specific requirements that a magazine entails. The individual transmission to subscribers, which in many cases is consecutive, also holds no secrets for these professionals.

Our employees arrange sealing, addressing and all postal administration with the various post offices at home and abroad. This way you will sleep soundly after delivery of your print files and your subscriber file. We ensure a timely mail drop and correct delivery of the requested number of copies to your distributor, the publishing house and other recipients.

What’s more, Graphius proactively monitors the periodicity of your magazine. We include your titles in our planning for the coming year. We will inform you when we need all the material to start production on time.

With a postal shipment it is customary that you deliver encarts, which we insert between the magazines or seal along with the magazines. Graphius’s extensive service package also includes incoming inspection and storage of the encarts.

Industry, B2B

Graphius offers a wide range of products, for both small self-employed and large multinationals.

From a business card to a sewn catalog in 12 languages, Graphius is the ideal partner. Your contact person will advise and assist you from the layout to the mail dispatch or storage of your printed matter.

We start up a white label order portal for companies on request. Their customers can, if desired, link that portal to an ERP system. Such an order portal offers the possibility to have orders submitted in a decentralized manner via an online catalog and via various channels. It also becomes possible to adjust content where the customers release it.


Within Graphius, a separate cell is active for the public sector. The employees within this cell have years of expertise in preparing public tenders and in executing and handling government files.

Museums & Art Galleries

Graphius has worked for museums and art galleries from all over the world for decades.

A team is active within Graphius that devotedly supervises these high-quality art projects. These employees are aware of the specific requirements of these types of projects. They assist the customer from the realization of the project, the photo engraving, the assistance at the printing press and the complete processing up to and including shipping.

We edit images to perfection in our internal photo engraving. We also run press tests here, in order to achieve maximum quality.

Foreign customers who come to give a ‘good for press’ to the press do not have to worry about where to stay either. We arrange a hotel in the center of Ghent.

Associations & NGOs

Graphius’s clientele consists largely of associations and NGOs. We think along about the elaboration of certain concepts and actions. In doing so, we take into account the budget of our customers.

Graphius supplies an enormously diverse range of products and services. In addition, we strive for a maximum CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy. For these two reasons, Graphius is the ideal partner for practically every association.