Stock management, order picking and distribution

Graphius offers you various options for storage in the short, medium and long term.

Stock management is optimally maintained via a logistic software system. When specifying a minimum stock, a reprint is automatically generated with the agreement of the customer.

Graphius iQuest offers a real time overview of your stock online. You can also place orders very easily via this particularly handy platform.

The order picking and shipping is done from our warehouses, which allows us to keep the lead time very short.

Printing One-To-One

We print your direct mail campaign variably from a prepared database. We can quickly meet your demand, for both black and white and color mailings, thanks to our digital presses. The quality of the printed matter is the absolute top. Your marketing campaign will leave an extremely positive and lasting impression on every recipient.

Blister or Envelope

We package your printed matter mechanically – with or without extra attachments – under foil or cover.

The destination address and postal details are printed with inkjet in accordance with the requirements of the country where the post drop is to take place.

Mail processing

Graphius works together with the national postal companies of almost all European countries.

A specialized service within Graphius arranges the various postal formalities for you and ensures that your shipment is delivered on time and at the cheapest rate.

Graphius also offers the possibility to follow up and correct your returns in your database.

Database Management Systeem (DMS)

A well-managed database is essential for a successful Direct Mail campaign. Via iSend you have the option to compile a usable database online from the source file that you have.

If you wish to outsource the entire database management, the Graphius specialists will be happy to assist you. We take care of building, correcting, deduplicating and programming your database.