Database Publishing

Database publishing is the most efficient way to create catalogs and brochures.

As the term implies, database publishing allows you to create catalogs, brochures, magazines and other publications from an existing database. You choose a layout that serves as the basis for programming templates. The database is read out after receipt and loaded into the template.

B-to-B White Label Order Portal

Graphius iQuest can be set up with the look and feel of your organization and with only your products.

Your customers (internal or external) can access your portal with their own username and password. They can create personalized printed matter within the templates you have determined and the marketing material you have released for this. As an administrator, you retain full control over the orders placed by your customers or internal departments.

The interface is very user-friendly and with the Graphius helpline, working with the portal can be no problem even for untrained users.

Print On Demand

Avoid overstock!

Graphius offers you the possibility to have your book or other printed matter produced at a competitive price for a single copy as well as for a limited edition. You can forward the files via iQuest and check their technical correctness on the fly.

You can stock your files digitally at Graphius and offer them for order to your customers via iQuest.

If desired, our services can arrange packaging and shipping to your customers.

Online Editing – Graphius iDesign

Graphius iDesign offers the possibility to layout documents online. These can be books as well as a business card or folder.

Upload files - Graphius iCheck

iCheck is the handy tool to upload your files.

When uploading your files with iCheck you will automatically receive a preflight report and your files will end up in the right place in our prepress workflow. Shortly after your order you will receive a link to iCheck so that you can upload your files in a user-friendly way.

Order Online - Graphius iQuest

Graphius iQuest is an online order portal where you can submit orders or price requests, track your order status and manage your stock of finished products.

iQuest has the integrated iDesign so that you can format your documents yourself and online.