Graphius North America

With great pride and excitement, we hereby announce that ‘Graphius North America’ (Graphius NA) will officially begin on 1 June. From our base in Toronto, Canada, we will serve our clients in Canada and North America.

Graphius NA is to be led by Lucas Elke, with whom Graphius has now collaborated closely for several years. Lucas has a master’s degree in art history from the University of Toronto, but has worked almost his entire career in the graphics industry—his great passion.

We are certain that Lucas and his team have everything they need to be of optimal service to our clients. They will take care of communication and advice, checking files and transport.

As well as this, they will make new business contacts and further develop Graphius activities for the American and Canadian markets.

Our address in New York will be kept and used by Lucas Elke and his team as a meeting location.


Graphius North America

22 Ripley Avenue, Toronto, Canada – Tel +1 647 992 4178

Graphius New York

530 7th Avenue, Suite 902, New York, USA