Graphius chooses chemical-free printing plates

Graphius Group is reducing its ecological footprint and opting for Adamas chemical-free offset printing plates from ECO3.

As a trendsetting international player in the graphics sector, Graphius strives for sustainable production. For example, we make conscious choices at every step in the production process. ‘The choice of the Adamas chemical-free printing plates from ECO perfectly reflects this and ensures our print preparations are considerably greener,’ says CEO Denis Geers. ‘In concrete terms, the waste stream generated by the fluids for the plate preparations will be reduced by at least 50%. Our choice of the Adamas plate has to do with the ecological benefits and the performance on one hand, while on the other, it was important for us to choose a partner with production capacity in Europe. After all, transport also has a major ecological impact.’

Frederik Dehing, Global Head of Sales at ECO3, confirms this. ‘With our Adamas chemical-free offset plates, our clients are taking an important step when it comes to sustainability. In the case of Graphius Group, this means not only saving hundreds of thousands of litres of water, but also avoiding the use of large amounts of corrosive development fluids. This is because the Adamas plates do not need any rinsing water and are washed with a limited amount of pH-neutral gum.’

ECO3 has its headquarters in Belgium. The company produces its offset plates for the European market in Germany. ‘At ECO3, we chose a global production infrastructure with a firm footing in Europe. This is a conscious choice made to ensure the maximum availability of our products to our clients. I am pleased that Graphius Group also attaches great value to this,’ says Dehing.

Going through almost 500,000 m² of aluminium printing plates every year, Graphius Group is one of the largest printing groups in Europe. After printing, the high-quality aluminium offset plates are recycled, with more than 99% of them suitable for reuse.