Graphius continues to invest

At Graphius we remain in full growth. Our future-oriented vision always puts quality and efficient production first. It will therefore come as no surprise to you that many investments are planned for installation in 2022.

  • The printing capacity in Ghent will be expanded with the investment in a Heidelberg XL 106-8 colour press with lacquer tower. . The site in Paris will also receive an additional Heidelberg XL 106 -8 colour press.
  • Two fully automatic sewing lines, one of which will be installed in Ghent and one in Paris, increase the sewing capacity.
  • In addition, robotisation will be further implemented. The new sewing lines will be equipped with an automatic robotic arm that stacks the sewn book blocks on pallets.
  • The cutting departments in Ghent and Brussels will soon be reinforced with a fully automatic cutting line. This investment will improve productivity, quality and ergonomics.

In order to meet the increasing demand for high-quality foil stamping on hardcover books, a new foil stamping machine was installed in November. This machine allows us to stamp twice in the same pass. This results in a very nice coverage and ensures that finer text can also be applied to materials such as linen. In short, foil stamping of the highest quality level.